Manufacturing Approvals

ISO-9001: 2000
ISO 14001:2004


Beta Lactam: Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups
Liquid Orals
Dry Powder Injectable: Vials/ Bottles, Cephalosporins, Penicillins
Non Beta Lactam: Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Pouch Powders, Soft Gelatin Capsule
Liquid Injectables: Vial & Ampoules, Pre-filled Syringes, Medical Preparations, Eye/Ear Drops
Form, Fill & Seal (FFS): Small Volume Parentals (SVP)-up to 100 ml, Large Volume Parentals (LVP)-above 100 ml, I.V. Fluids/Dextrose, Water for Injectables, Medicinal Preparations

Installed Capacity

Highly Sophisticated Manufacturing Facilities
1. Ultra-modern plant
2. Sophisticated Machinery
3. Captive Power Generation
4. Pollution control equipment
5. In house testing facilities
6. Instrumentation laboratory

Building construction and its finish:

The construction of the building ensures the protection from contamination, permits efficient cleaning, avoids accumulation of dust and dirt and prevents entry of insects, birds, rodents' etc.

Flooring is done by Kota stone. The edge lines between floors and walls are made of smooth covings. Adequate slopes are provided towards drainage system.

The walls & ceilings are plastered with cement and its finishing is with appropriate paint, so as to avoid dust and facilitate cleaning. Toilets do not communicate directly either with production or with storage area.

The light fixtures, which are present, are suspended over the working area and they can be easily cleaned. There are minimum projections, shelves, cupboard, fixtures and fittings in manufacturing area, so as to avoid dust and facilitates cleaning.

Cabin is provided for each and every machine to avoid contamination and mix-up and to maintain potential pressure in granulation, compression & quarantine area.

Adequate space is provided for work in process. Flow of work is orderly and positioning of equipment and machine is logical so as to minimize the risk of contamination.

Doors and windows are made of aluminum frames using pre-laminated boards and glasses or boards/ painted steel structure. All the doors have got hydraulic door closures to shut the doors immediately. Glass fixed in windows are smooth and free from uneven surfaces.

Drains in the building are of adequate size and have trapped gullies. Where drains are connected directly to a sewer, there are air-break provided at the point to prevent back siphon.

All the entries to the production area is only through corridors and not direct entry in them minimizing the exposure to direct outer environment. All entries are through double door system further eliminating chances of contamination through corridors.