We are dedicated to creating new formulations and work on predefined or pre-contracted formulations, a process we style ‘speed-to-market'. Nutraceutical dosage forms comes in tablet, hard gelatin capsule, powder in tin or packet and oral liquid.

As a knowledge-based manufacturer, we provide comprehensive medical rationale and technical backing behind manufacture.

Nucleus has modern, international standard manufacturing facility that is certified ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and WHO GMP, assigned and monitored by The British Standards Institution, UK and holds GMP certification from the Indian Drug Authority.

Nucleus also has its own herbal gardens spread over acres of land where the herbs are Organically grown under monitored conditions.

Phospholipids: In keeping with groups continuous efforts to innovate, the R & D section has developed the process technology for manufacture of pure Phospholipids and enriched Phosphotidylcholine.

Choline is a key component of Lecithin, chemically known as phosphotidylcholine, a member of fatty substances known as Phospholipids.

The conference sponsored by "AMERICAN OIL CHEMIST SOCIETY" focused on the role of Choline and other phospholipids in brain development and memory, decreasing the risk of heart disease and cancer and cell functioning.

Countries like USA, UK, Germany, France and Australia have recognized the benefits of Phospholipids as versatile source of health promoting neutraceuticals. For eg. Phosphotidyl choline offers pure, more nutritious and less expensive source of potent fat emulsifier . Phosphotidyl choline is also high in polyunsaturated fats which reduce blood cholesterol. There is a tremendous window of opportunity for Phosphotidylcholine and proven health promoting agents that also reduces the risk of a number of chronic diseases like

a. reduces cardiovascular disease risk
b. guards the liver
c. provides nutritional support for brain function.