Quality is our strength and in order to maintain it at every stage of productions we have in house most modern testing Laboratory equipped with all necessary instruments and highly qualified technical staff. Our definition of the word 'QUALITY' is that we practice in our everyday life. Due to company's aspiration in preserving the high quality of the medicaments it offers, the company has no compromise over the raw materials consisting it’s products, thus importing quality raw materials from reliable sources spreading in countries such as Germany, Italy and other European Countries. We operate in total compliance with the G.M.P. norms set by the W.H.O. These norms are controlled by and a superior hi-tech quality control laboratory.

Quality Control (QC) is responsible for all analyses undertaken at Nucleus. From analytical support during product development and validations to training Nucleus customers, QC is supported by a highly qualified team of professionals.

"Quality is a built-in characteristic, it is not acquired" and the same can be felt right from the movement you step in to the premises.

We have In-house sophisticated and latest instruments for testing of Chemicals, Instrumental, Microbiological sterility and stability.

Nucleus is competent in performing advanced tests and analysis for pathogen testing (Aerobic Plate Count and Anaerobic Plate Count), routine quality control, minimum inhibitory concentration and water activity.

Quality Control Laboratories are equipped to perform following testings:

  • Sterility
  • Bacterial Endotoxin (BET) Test
  • Microbial Limit Test
  • Passive Air Sampling (Settle Plate).
  • Active Air Sampling
  • Air Borne Non Viable Particle count
  • Microbiological Swab of walls, Floors and Machine
  • Personal Monitoring of all persons involved in Production Activity.
  • Water Testing